About us-Best puppy breeders

Best puppy breeders started about 10 years ago after we realized our puppies were getting to many for us to handle alone. We started giving out puppies for sale and adoption and we were happy to see how lovely they made their new families become . It is a common saying that a dog loving person is probably a nice person  and this applies to all dog loving families . Our love for puppies its not just with one breed , I remember when at the time i was about 5 years old and my Dad bought  our first dog. she was a golden retriever puppy very beautiful dog . The puppies kept on increasing and thanks to the very large compound we have , we kept on increase our kennels . Before deciding it was better to give out our puppies for sale and adoption .

Home raised puppies

Our puppies are very social due to their home raising . These puppies are easy to train and have them cohabitate with other pets you might have around the home with no worries . When they are with kids you do not have to constantly be on the look out .

border collie puppies

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